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Professional Picture Framing in Liskeard, Cornwall

Here at Studio 4 we offer bespoke framing at affordable prices, not only for pictures but for anything you wish to display on your wall. Sports shirts, collectables, medals and memorabilia are just a few examples of some of the things we have framed.

We work hard to ensure each and every one of our customers leaves us feeling 100% satisfied – not only with their framing but with the service they have received.

We have over 400 mouldings to choose from, some of which we finish ourselves and so it can often be customised. We also have over 160 different coloured mount board samples, all acid free, from which to choose. All types of glass are in stock - plain, UV filtering, UltraVue®, diffused and museum glass. We have a full selection of backing boards for all types of medium. For any creased or folded items we have a heat press that can completely transform many items. We can also undertake large or more complicated projects; so seemingly impossible ideas could become a reality.

We also keep in stock many pre-cut mounts in various sizes and colours and ready-made frames, which include mounts and hangers. We also keep a selection of mounted or framed prints for sale, all of which customers are welcome to come in and browse through.

Conservation Framing

Specialist glass is available if required i.e. UV filtering and water white reflection control

Cross Stitches and Tapestries

Expertly stretched and framed beautifully

Services for Artists

Paintings, textiles, 3D objects and float mounting

Box Frames and Floating Frames

Ideal for framing and displaying 3D objects

Ready Made Frames

We stock a wide selection of ready made frames at low prices

Services for
Galleries and Shops

Dom took over in March 2015 from Rob Arnold who founded the business over 20 years ago. Rob fully trained Dom in all aspects of the business until he felt confident to take over completely. Dom now strives to maintain the standard that customers have come to expect. He aims to provide an efficient service (completion normally within two weeks), without compromising on quality.

Also on our team is Kim, an excellent designer and framer who has been in the framing business for over 10 years. She loves her work, enjoys meeting people and takes the greatest pride in anything she does. Kim does a lot of craft work herself including cross-stitches, textiles and crochet, and so understands the importance of correctly finishing and displaying something that has taken so much time and patience to create.

In support of our extremely talented local artists, we offer a 15% discount to all artists who bring in their own work for mounting and/or framing to sell on.

A visit to see our friendly team will assure you of the quality and value for money we strive to offer, and look forward to meeting you and discussing your ideas.

Framing Ideas

View our showcase for framing ideas and examples of the quality of our work

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Our friendly team are always happy to help and can offer expert advice on which framing options are best for you.